Product Application
KIMMCO-ISOVER Rigid Pipe Covering
KIMMCO-ISOVER Rigid Pipe Covering


  • KIMMCO-ISOVER Stonewool Acoustic Thermal Insulation Board (ATIB) is a Stonewool sandwiched product with aluminium foil on the top side and black glass tissue mat on the under side.


  • KIMMCO-ISOVER Stonewool Acoustic Thermal Insulation Boards (ATIB) are specially designed for under-roof applications for excellent thermal resistance and sound absorption properties. They are used in airports, entertainment malls and commercial complexes.

Facing & Covering

  • FSK (one side), BGT (other side) (encapsulated solution)
Availability Nominal Density (kg/m3)Thickness (mm) Dimensions (mm) With facing FSK + BGT
Boards80 to 12020 to 30 590 x 590

650 x 650

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KIMMCO-ISOVER Stonewool Insulation for Thermal, Acoustic and Fire Safety Building Applications Catalogue