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KIMMCO-ISOVER Rigid Pipe Covering
KIMMCO-ISOVER Rigid Pipe Covering


KIMMCO-ISOVER Lamella Insul is manufactured from stable glass fibres bonded with thermosetting resins. The fibres are oriented perpendicular to the plane of adhering facing material. Easy to handle and supplied in roll form.


  • KIMMCO-ISOVER Lamella Insul is designed for thermal insulation of pipes, ducts and vessels.
  • KIMMCO-ISOVER Lamella Insul is suitable for wide range of applications in HVAC and industrial sector such as:
  • On large pipes, pipe cluster, or over heating traces, where performed insulation is not appropriate.
  • On round or oval duct work, square, or rectangular ducts, where the full insulation thickness on corners is to be maintained.
  • On tanks and vessels of various types, particularly under metal cladding or as an additional layer over existing insulation.
  • Over decorative roof surface such as demos, arches, etc.
  • Where load bearing characteristics of insulation are required.

Facing & Covering

  • ASJ, Aluglass, FSK.
AvailabilityThickness (mm)Width (m)Length (m)
Rolls 25








Up to 10

Up to 10

Up to 7.5

Up to 5


  • SERVICE TEMPERATURE: Fibre - up to and including 230 °C / Foil Face - 100 °C.
  • PERMANENCE: Dimensionally stable under varying conditions of temperature and humidity, rot proof, odourless, non-hygroscopic and will not sustain vermin or fungus.
  • FIRE SAFETY: Base fibres are non combustible when tested in accordance with BS 476 (part 4), ASTM E 136 procedures. Glass reinforced aluminium/Kraft laminate facing (FSK) are UL classified as follow: Flame spread: 15 Smoke developed: 0 When tested according to ASTM E 84 procedure.
  • MOISTURE ABSORPTION: Less than 1% by volume when tested in accordance with BS 2972 or 6676, ASTM C 553, KIMMCO-ISOVER Lamella Insul does not absorb moisture from the ambient air not water by capillary attraction. Only water under pressure can enter the insulation products, but that will quickly dry out owing to the material's open cell structure.
  • VAPOUR PERMEABILITY: FSK and ASJ used with KIMMCO-ISOVER Lamella Insul achieve a permeance of 0.02 perms when tested according to ASTM E 96, desiccant method.
  • NON TOXIC: KIMMCO-ISOVER lamella Insul is not hazardous to health.
  • NO CORROSION: Does not cause or accelerate corrosion of steel, copper or aluminium.
  • FLEXIBILITY: KIMMCO-ISOVER Lamella Insul will permit expansion and contractions of the metal pipe, duct or vessel without cracking or shrinking.
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