KIMMCO-ISOVER Duct Insulation (KDIP)

Product Application
KIMMCO-ISOVER Rigid Pipe Covering
KIMMCO-ISOVER Rigid Pipe Covering


  • KIMMCO-ISOVER Duct Insul Plus is manufactured from stable glass fibres bonded with thermo-setting resins, in the form of blankets, semi-rigid or rigid boards with factory applied Aluglass (Aluminium foil/glass fabric laminate) facing as vapour barrier.


  • Thermal and acoustic insulation (external) of HVAC equipment and air distribution duct systems.
  • KIMMCO-ISOVER Duct Insul Plus with Aluglass facing has added advantages:
  • by adopting advanced fabrication methods, the number of split-joints can be reduced, which ensures less number of thermal breaks and uniform R value throughout the surface area.
  • Aluminium foil laminated glass fabric (Aluglass) facing protects the system from normal mechanical abuses and stops vapour migration. So this system may not need additional vapour barrier.
  • By avoiding highly laborious and costly canvas/open mesh glass cloth and vapour barrier coating, KIMMCO-ISOVER Duct Insul Plus becomes more cost effective.
  • An ideal substitute for conventional thermal insulation practices.

Facing & Covering

  • Thermal insulation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) ducting systems. Aluglass facing ensures zero water vapour permeability, puncture resistance, and eliminates the need for external weather protection.
AvailabilityThickness (mm)Width (m)Length (m)
Rolls - Boards 25 - 150 mm rolls 1.210 - 20
Boards 0.4 - 1.21 - 3


  • WORKING TEMPERATURE: Fibres: up to 230 °C; facing: up to °100 C.
  • PERMANENCE: KIMMCO-ISOVER Duct insul plus has a high resistance to accident damage from knocks and handling during installation and maintenance. Dimensionally stable under varying conditions of temperature and humidity, rot proof, odourless, non-hygroscopic and will not sustain vermin and fungus. Easy to clean.
  • THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY: The thermal conductivity of fibreglass insulation products remains same throughout its lifetime because it is manufactured from natural minerals which neither deteriorates nor decays.
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