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    EcoBuild – In sync with Nature
  • EcoBuild, provided by KIMMCO-ISOVER, opens a new era in sustainable insulation solutions. It is a further development of its existing high performing Glasswool insulation for building applications. Manufactured by using Saint-Gobain Isover’s patented state-of-the-art technology, EcoBuild is 100% containing natural resources as e.g. sand, soda etc, and up to 80% recycled post-consumer glass cullet and therefore has a unique natural color.
    Furthermore, with its performance, EcoBuild is a big contributor in reducing energy consumption of buildings, either in winter or summer, for cooling or heating.


    The building market has a strong potential to help protect the environment, save the nature, increase life comfort and is, hence, demanding more and more “green” and sustainable products. Additionally, Green Building rating systems, codes and standards are increasingly becoming an integral part of today’s market demand.
    With the EcoBuild product range, KIMMCO-ISOVER is able to provide an answer.
  • KIMMCO-ISOVER is actively and passionately dedicated to advancing the construction industry toward a sustainable future. It starts with a continuous focus on everything that improves the environmental quality, affects our products’ sustainability and long term performance.
  • Technical performances to be delivered over time must be guaranteed and, at the same time, the environment and social features of the solutions must be enhanced, in a cost efficient manner.
  • Hence, EcoBuild has a big impact in reducing the fossil fuels utilization and being able to prolongate the existing oil and gas resources for our future generations.
  • Being “In Sync with Nature”, KIMMCO-ISOVER is determined continuously to supply products which have a maximum of positive impact to the environment by minimizing the carbon footprint impact of our manufacturing processes, shipping operations and provide the next generation products that raise the level of sustainability.

Now Best is even Better

EcoBuild has other extra benefits which sets it apart from traditional Glasswool as follows:
  • Performances that last forever
  • Soft touch
  • Odorless
  • Improved indoor air Quality
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Zero phenol formaldehyde
  • Natural color
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Product Range

The new EcoBuild Comfort range KIMMCO-ISOVER's EcoBuild Comfort range achieves best thermal, acousic and easy to install performance.
The produccts are named and classified according to their comfort efficiency. The right choice of the most suitable product in building applications has never been made easier.

EcoBuild Indoor Classes K value (W/m.k@25 'C)
Classic 0.039
Premium 0.035
Extra 0.031
Product type Partition wall Internal wall Roof insulation ceilling Flooring floor

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Building Applications



  • Abu Dhabi Airport
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